Mapping keys for the Mele F10 – for Android 4.2.2

I recently purchased a Mele F10 “air mouse” for my MK808B.
I already had the RC11, but preferred the F10 due to several advantages:

  • Slicker looks, it’s a much more sexy remote with a nice Piano Black finish
  • Smaller frame, not as bulky as the RC11
  • Two sided design
    • Front side is the “remote side” with easy buttons for the mouse, and general navigation (up, down, left, right).
    • Back side is a qwerty keyboard, with bigger buttons than the RC11 due to a use of a FN button to change the key function.
  • Built-in battery which
    • Makes it lighter to hold
    • Probably doesn’t leak like some AA/AAA batteries

The Mele F10


Out of the box, the remote side buttons which work are the enter, back, mute, directional and volume buttons.
However, one thing that I was desperately missing from RC11 was media control buttons (Oh, and the home button didn’t work as it should, it just went to the start of a line)…

Having successfully remapped the RC11 keys using the guide at I was sure I could quickly fix my problems, by remapping the bottom 4 keys (Which are unused) plus the home & the “TV” key to suit my needs.

So first thing was to download the /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl file (Using AirDroid) and renaming to “Vendor_1915_Product_af11.kl”, which is the correct name determined by looking at /proc/bus/input/devices.

Next thing was to use the KeyTest app to determine the scan codes (note that they “key code” is not what you need, it’s the scan code) for the keys I wanted to remap.

I then edited the file so that:

  • The ‘Home’ key worked
  • The ‘TV’ key (A square with an arrow pointing outwards) opens the menu
  • The ‘Square’ is stop
  • The ‘X’ is rewind
  • The ‘Circle’ is play/pause
  • The ‘Triangle’ is fast forward

I then copied this file to the device, and then using ES File Explorer copied it over to /system/usr/keylayout
I pulled the dongle out, disconnecting it, and then pushed it back in and… Nothing! The damn keys still don’t work!
I could swear this worked before, on Android 4.1, and the paths and all were still the same, so what’s wrong?!

After a few tedious forum readings, I found out the problem.. I haven’t set the permissions correctly!
Apparently, on Android 4.1 this didn’t matter (Or perhaps default mask for the keylayout dir was correct?!), but on Android 4.2.2 the file had permissions “-rw——-“.
I used ES Explorer to set the permissions to the same as the Generic.kl file (-rw-r–r–), replugged the dongle, and voila! The keys are now working!

So, the lesson is, always check your permissions, and don’t give up.

You can download the file for the Mele F10 if you want the same mappings that I have:

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4 Responses to Mapping keys for the Mele F10 – for Android 4.2.2

  1. netghoster says:

    I didn’t exactly the same map except that I remap the GO key on the keyboard side to TAB key. It makes inputting in the web form much easier.

  2. atsui82 says:

    Really nice and guick guide!

  3. Slyman says:

    Awesome. I’ve got a Tronsmart R68 Orion TV box with a Mele F10 Deluxe (airmouse + learning IR Remote). Needed to disable the power button on remote at it put the R68 to sleep but would not wake it. Kids kept pressing it which meant going into the tv cabinet to press the physical power button. Just commented out key 116, 644 permissions, reboot and all good! Laziness is the mother of invention 🙂

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